Suse Hartung – Artist

Since 1993 Suse Hartung has been a part of considerably many art exhibitions. She has an education as a textile designer from the Denmarks Design School, and she has her own company; suse har tung.

Her Art-wear designs include T- shirts, dresses, coats, trousers, hoodies, etc. and it has been mentioned in various magazines, blogs and other media. Her design has been represented all around Denmark, and at the boutique of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, where she was mentioned as the designer of the quarter in autumn 2005.

Beside her design company she also works as a painter. The motive in her oil-paintings is animals and people, painted with a sharp and funny stroke. The animals are put in distorted situations, sometimes among people often in cities, as if they have invaded the city. The animals are portrayed in a strange harmony as if taken out of a surrealistic every day scene, often as a comment to climate changes and man-made environmental problems.

Suse Hartungs bears, tigers, roosters and other animals become alive as if they almost stand out of the paintings.

She made illustrations for the publishing company Alinea, and she has made scenograhy and figures for two shows at the theatre Svalegangens Dukketeater.

“Prinsessen med de snavsede knæ”, funded by Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, and “Mother Tell Me More”, a theatre concert with music by Syd Barrett.

At the moment Suse Hartung´s art is represented at Gallery Bomhuset in Copenhagen, Gallery Suse Hartung in Field´s and at the net gallery Artunika.

Her design is represented at Field´s Designstore, Cph and at Miamedmere, Skaelskor.



  • 1995-2000 Danmarks Design Skole (speciale, tekstil og kostumer).


  • 2011 store manager of Fields designstore
  • 2010 Artwork by Klavs Graas leather products
  • 2009-10 Sale of design in various shops in Denamark
  • 2008 Themed t-shirts for Groa
  • 2006-2008 Residential design, freelance for Fast Runner
  • 2005-2007 Pattern design, freelance for Cash Copanhagen
  • 2005 Quarter designer in Lousiana museum shop - Article in Louisiana magazine
  • 2004 Teaching of canvas at the Fashion and Design Academy 
  • 2003 Artwork of collections in Noa Noa
  • 2001 Starting the design business and shop Polka on Oesterbro
  • 1999 Personal textile assistant for the artist Stefan Werwerka (Montana 
  • Montanta Mobile)
  • 1998 Textileprint for Riddersalen, performance "Tone".
  • 1997 Textile assistant for artist Frans Jacobi.


  • 2011 Set design and illustrations for puppetry concert Mother, Tell Me More For The theater Svalegangen in Aarhus - www.svalegangenssdukketeater.dk
  • 1999-2000 Set design and illustrations for puppet theater piece "The Princess with the dirty knees" for theater Svalegangen in Aarhus

 Selected exhibitions

  • 2013 Galleri Suse Hartung, Field´s
  • 2013 Galleri Bomhuset
  • 2013 Gladsaxe Kommune
  • 2013 Minerva - Børne- og Undervisningsministeriet (Government Ministry)
  • 2012 Fields, Plan 1
  • 2012 Miamedmere, Hippo & Habengoth
  • 2011 Fields Designstore
  • 2010 Coop
  • 2010 DS Norden Kunstforening
  • 2010 Zoo, Cph
  • 2010 Galleri Bomhuset
  • 2009 Copenhagen Unfair
  • 2008 Told & Skattestyrelsen
  • 2008 DPL – University of Copenhagen
  • 2008 Økonomistyrelsen (The Danish Agency for Governmental Management)
  • 2007 Miljøstyrelsen (The Danish Environment Protection Agency)
  • 2003-2007 Polka
  • 2005 Danmarks Naturfredningsforening (The Danish Society for Nature Conservation)
  • 2002 The Copenhagen Police Department
  • 2001 Økonomistyrelsen (The Danish Agency for Governmental Management)
  • 2001 Bilka (Aarhus)
  • 2001 Teatret Svalegangen, Aarhus.
  • 1999-2000 Tor och Freja, Gothenburg
  • 1998 Textiles, Langelinje Pavillonen.
  • 1998 A T P Huset, Hillerod.
  • 1996 Fiber art, Kunstindustrimuseet.
  • 1993 Galleri Vinga, Gothenburg.


  • 2007-10 Six paintings on the Go Card


  • 2002 Dorthea Hammers Legat
  • 1999 Wilhelm Hansen Fonden.


  • Information, Århus Stiftstidende and Smagsdommerne 2011 (performance, Mother, Tell Me More)
  • Big article in Politiken 2005
  • Article in Louisianamagasine 2005
  • big article in Femina, 2005 
  • Article in Urban 2004
  • Article in Citadel 2004
  • Article in Politiken 2004
  • Mention in Berlingske and Børsen from Fashion and Design Festival 2003
  • Miscellaneous Local Newspapers 2003 - 2011